Cabinet Name

Luciferase is a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence. ‘Lucifer’ is a Latin word which means ‘light-bringer’, while the ‘-ase’ ending indicates that it is an enzyme. On the other side, luciferin is a substance that emits light when undergoing a reaction catalyzed by luciferase. Likewise, we, Luciferase, aim to provide the light-emitting guidance under no circumstances so that we could construct a close linkage between the Division of Life Sciences and all students, including our members, our Luciferin. Therefore, we believe that Luciferase will be the most suitable name for our cabinet because it shows our determination to serve our members and our department.

Cabinet Logo

Executive Committees


Chan Tsz Wing


The President

Tsang Man Ki


The Internal Vice-President

Cheung Lai Shan


The External Vice-President

Chan Pui Wang


The General Secretary, The Academic Secretary

Yip Tsz Yan


The Financial Secretary


Wong Tze Ching


The Sports Secretary and The Promotion and Publication Secretary

Cheng Man Ching


The Academic Secretary and The Public Relations Secretary


Leung Hoi Ching


The Welfare Secretary and The Marketing Secretary

Functions Enjoy a fruitful school life as our member!

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